The Makers were back at Sandown Park for the 107th Model Engineers Show on 12th to 14th December 2014. This second edition was a a great success with over 2,000 people attending the 3-day long event to discover amazing DIY creations by the 30 makers taking part.

We had a fantastic line-up of makers, designers, tinkerers and crafters again this year, who have exhibited their amazing projects at the Makers Area.

Pi-top – Raspberry Pi Laptop to build yourself
Thames Valley Reprap User Group  & Reading Hackspace – 3d Printers & electronics creations
We Just Like to Make Stuff – Electronics and strange toys
Justin Carpenter Active3D – 3d printer and touch screen
R2-D2 Builders Club – R2D2 Droid model
Just Add Sharks – Laser-cutter machine and creations
Greg & Yishan - JetCubed – 3d scanning demo
Cannybots – Racing robots
Burning Issues - Margaret Beal – Soldering design
MindsetsSmart materials, educational fun gifts
Not Just Arduino – DIY Electronics
Fab Lab Essex – Makerspace demoing various projects
Vulpestruments - Experimental, recycled, upcycled musical instrument maker
Small Machines – Toys robots
Damien Borowik – Drawing Robot
Crafty Robots - Turn anything into a robot
Playir – build your own video game


What you could see at the show: 

3d printing and scanning, robots and droids, arts and crafts, flying things, amazing electronics installation and toys, unusual tools or machines… We we really lucky to have exhibits that are interactive and showcased the process of making things and where visitors could learn something by trying it out themselves.